1. Commissions are Open!

    Money doesn’t grow on trees, darlings. So, I’m letting you all know that commissions are open! 

    I draw original characters, fan-characters, and fanart. I can draw in either a manga-influenced style or a western cartoon style. You can choose which style you’d like your commission to be in! See my DeviantArt or my art blog to see more examples of my art!


    • Any Size, Full-color Chibi: $0.50 (Fifty cents)


    • Standard-Size: $5
    • Chibi: $4

    Lineart (Your choice of Ink or Digital Lineart)

    • Standard-Size: $10
    • Chibi: $8

    Traditional Coloring (Your choice of Colored Pencil, Pastel, or Crayon):

    • Standard-Size: $15
    • Chibi: $12

    Digital Coloring: 

    • Standard-Size: $20
    • Chibi: $16

    Every added Character: +$2 

    Payment Options:

    • PayPal
    • Check (Only through in-person meets or through the mail)
    • Cash (Only though in-person meets)

    For any questions or comments, send an ask! Thank you! ^o^