1. Anonymous said: You call yourself 'mouna's studio' why is the URL moon-toons? isn't it easier to name that url mounasstudio? or monastudio? for easy of name recognition anyway


    Well, I chose the URL Moon-Toons because “Moon Toons” (and variations thereupon) is the handle I use for my art, nowadays. Also, I like rhymes, and find them to be very memorable. “Moon Toons” is sort of a play on the name I go by and my surname, and of course it ties into what I do (draw ‘toons).

    I wanted my actual name to be easily visible on the blog, so I chose for the header to say “Mouna’s Studio.”

  2. Talk Like A Pirate Day.
Also known as “Luffy please control yourself” and “I went way too crazy with colors/effects because I am a child.”

    Talk Like A Pirate Day.

    Also known as “Luffy please control yourself” and “I went way too crazy with colors/effects because I am a child.”

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    Anonymous said: How long does it usually take to finish a drawing (like the one you color and draw on a tablet)?

    Hello there, Anon!

    Well, it usually depends on the complexity. Busts that are all sketched, lined, and colored digitally are usually very quick, maybe about 15-30 minutes. Full-body shots take longer.

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    Anonymous said: Do you do requests?

    Hello, Anon!

    To answer your question: not really. The closest thing I do to taking free requests is taking prompts from random generators.

    If you’re interested in that, here are some of the generators I take prompts from!

  5. Feature Friday #1: Interview with Sarah P

    For my first-ever Feature Friday, I’m featuring a wonderful artist and fantastic friend, Sarah P!

    Here’s my interview with her!

    1- Tell me about yourself— who you are, and what you do!

    I am Sarah P, I am a local DC artist and I am an illustrator and comics artist. My current project is an adult themed space opera comic, named Starseed.

    2- What tools/media do you use to create?

    Until very recently, when I discovered the magical tool that is my tablet, my preferred media was pencil/graphite, brush and ink, or watercolor.  These days my art is almost exclusively digitally created. It’s wonderful, like working with erasable paint and ink. 

    3- How would you describe your style?

    Oh man…Well, my style inspirations include Magnus (specifically his work in The 110 Sex Pills), Michael Manning (Spider Garden), and also Charles Burns (Black Hole) and Bernie Wrightson’s style in Frankenstein. I guess I’m striving for my linework and inkwork to be a combination of all four :)

    4- What are your favorite genres of stories?

    I will trip over myself to devour science fantasy stories.

    5- Describe your work environment. (For example: Messy or cluttered? Silence or music? Art studio or kitchen table?)

    I have a proper small studio, but at the moment it is in disarray, so I’ve taken over one side of my kitchen table. I can work practically anywhere so long as I have a large enough table surface and the right level of audio/visual distraction. When I’m settled into a studio space it is organized clutter. . as in I’ll have my pens and sketches alongside objects like my Shiva statues or my Spock bobble-head or a pair of antlers.

    6- What would you say your biggest challenges are, as an artist/cartoonist?

    Finding the zen balance of loving what you are doing, and caring what others think. To be an artist, specifically something as commercial as an illustrator and comics artist, you must love what you do, because you may not get the reaction from others you want or need for a very long time. A flower without water and sunshine will wither, an artist without praise or feedback will do just about the same.

    7- Are there any themes/messages you try to convey through your art/stories? What are they?

    The constancy of love and partnership across realms of otherworldliness.

    8- What advice would you give to a new artist/cartoonist?

    You have a project you want to do? Just begin it…get it started. But, speaking from my own experience only, do not attempt to run if you only know how to crawl. Learn to walk first.

    Also, on a more practical level: learn anatomy, learn perspective, learn how to use your colors, and most importantly, learn how to use your blacks.

    Here’s where Sarah’s work can be found!

    Tumblr 1Tumblr 2

    Online portfolio

    Sarah’s Star Trek art

    Sarah’s Webcomic, Starseed [18+ ONLY]

    Or on tumblr you can follow: sarahstarseed.tumblr.com or princessofswordsart.tumblr.com

  7. First-ever Feature Friday begins NOW!

    Stay tuned, everyone!!

  8. Here’s how the scarecrow boy is looking so far!

    Here’s how the scarecrow boy is looking so far!

  9. Anonymous said: When you say that you're doing a 30-day monster boy challenge, does that mean that you are taking requests?

    Hello! No, I usually don’t do specific requests, unless they are commissions. However, I do take randomly generated prompts (especially from this particular generator), and it is likely that I will draw from them!

  10. My copies of Dirty Diamonds arrived on Saturday!!